SimilarWeb Review (2021) – Details, Pricing & Features


SimilarWeb has become a popular tool amongst those in the SEO industry. In reality, it’s used by some of the biggest names in the business to measure the effectiveness of the keyword campaigns. The application is relatively simple. Basically, you just enter in a few information about your niche. Then it will return info on competitor’s keywords in addition to other vital details about online action related to your niche.

Details and Features

SimilarWeb is a fantastic tool because it can allow you to quickly see which keywords are getting the most traffic. For example, you can see how competitors position for terms such as”how to” and”home restoration.” This offers you valuable information about what folks are searching for when they would like to find out more about your particular business. Essentially, it offers you a bird’s eye view of what a company offers that others do not. Therefore, it helps you determine whether you ought to make modifications in your marketing strategies.

What makes similarweb offers such great intelligence? Basically, it’s about electronic advertising and marketing intelligence. The tool incorporates a range of significant elements such as search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) data, competition analysis, data on link recognition, information on social media activity, and much more. Therefore, when you use it, you are able to obtain a thorough overview of the net’s most popular topics and also the techniques your competition is using for customers to their websites.

As a company owner, it’s vital that you have access to this form of comprehensive research. In fact, similarweb’s vast amount of information makes it a great supplement to the traditional marketing tools that are available to you. By reviewing the data about your competition, you obtain an insider’s view on how they go about getting customers to buy their services and products. This gives you insights into what your target audience wants – and does not want. You can modify your marketing campaigns so, making your website more appealing to your ideal market.

SEO is an important factor in the achievement of a website. To be able to receive the most from search engine results, your web page needs to be designed so that it becomes high search engine positions. Fortunately, similarweb’s comprehensive search engine ranking report tool permits you to access this type of information analysis right from the program’s dashboard. From here, you are able to identify your site’s most effective keywords, discover what keywords are most popular among Internet users, find out how your competitors are getting visitors to their websites, identify potential link building strategies, plus much more.

Link building is an essential strategy that helps you build relationships with other websites. If you don’t have any links, you won’t have the ability to increase your presence online. Similarweb’s free link builder helps you identify key phrases and key words related to your market which are being used by your competitors. By using our comprehensive link analysis tool, it is possible to decide what words and phrases have been used by your competitors to get high search engine positions and find good link partners.

Another advantage offered by similarweb is its exceptional Google Analytics Data Center. This allows you access to detailed information about your site. From here, you can monitor your traffic trends, search engine rankings, your competitor’s traffic, and even more. With this data, you can make significant decisions concerning the content and design of your website, identify the right keywords for your market, and much more. Plus, with the Analytics Data Center, you can even see which key words and phrases are bringing you the most traffic.

Last but not least, another advantage of using similar Internet tools like SimilarWeb is that it provides you with an excellent source of info about your audience interests. Dependent on the millions of websites which use SimilarWeb, you can get information on the very best hunts, highest searched for keywords, audience interests, and much more. The beauty of this is that you can make quick decisions about what type of advertising you want to pursue and where to advertise. By way of example, if you see that similar Internet sites are frequently being advertised by big, popular ad networks, you might want to advertise on less popular ad networks to attract a bigger, targeted audience.

Pricing Model


Free Plan Features
  • 5 Result per Metrics
  • 1 Month of Mobile App Data
  • 3 Month of Web Traffic Data


Custom Plans
  • Unlimited Results per Website Metrics
  • Upto to 28 Months of App Data
  • Upto 3 Years of Web Traffic Data
  • Global and Country Level Data
  • Desktop - Mobile Web Split
  • Mobile App Engagement
  • Popular Pages
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Unique Visitors
  • Multiple Users
  • Similarweb API
  • Similarweb Consulting Solutions
  • Similarweb Digital Insights

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